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Oxo Bio-Degradeable Barrier Sealed Bubble Cushioning

A simple step In the right direction

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AirCap® Geo™ is the first degradable barrier sealed packaging material that offers the properties of oxo degradability: making it a positive step forward in using new technology to reduce environmental impact.

AirCap® Geo™ has the same physical properties of standard AirCap® bubble cushioning, and can enter the same recycling stream for up to two years from the date of manufacture, as long as the oxo degredation has not been triggered.

Sealed Air bubble cushioning materials do not contain any heavy metals that could harm the environment.

How it works:

Step One: After 8-12 hours in sunlight, the oxidation process is triggered and the long AirCap® Geo™ molecules are broken down into smaller linked sections.


Step Two: These linked sections are then small enough to be attacked and digested by bacteria and fungi in the ground. The material is then broken down to carbon dioxide, water and Biomass.

AirCap® Geo™ is available in standard small and large bubble 1500mm wide with slits available 2 x 750mm, 3 x 500mm and 5 x 300mm.