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Special Categories

Paper has many more uses than for just printing and writing on, a long staple in chip shops, gift shops and packaging stations everywhere. Dayworth Packaging can supply packaging paper for amost every purpose. We also supply corrugated paper by the roll.


Tissue Paper


Colored and Acid-Free paper for packaging fancy goods, such as jewellery, pottery and gifts. The acid-free quality means that additives in the paper will not damage or corrode metal and pottery products.

Coloured Tissue Paper, Packing Paper


Kraft Paper, Paper Rolls, Brown Paper

Kraft Paper


Standard 70gsm, Brown packaging paper. Use for wrapping items to post, protect and store. Kraft paper is stocked in the following widths and lengths.


  • 750mm x 260m
  • 900mm x 320m
  • Reams of 1150mm x 900mm (90gsm - 240 sheets Approx)


Newspaper Cutoffs


Semi-bleached reycled sheets of newspaper, used traditionally to wrap food in fish bars Sold by the ream as follows:


  • 508mm x 762mm (20 x 30")
Newspaper Cut-offs


Filla Paper, Brown Paper

Filla Paper


Brown paper that stays crushed when packed around product in boxes. A robust and cost effective alternative to loosefill. Usually supplied on a 600mm wide 450m long roll.